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Our MobiusPay Gateway authorizes and settles transactions between a website, terminal, or any other credit card processing device and the credit card companies. To successfully accept credit card transactions you need to have at least one gateway provider in addition to a merchant account.

The MobiusPay Gateway also pre-authorize transactions to minimize fraud and chargebacks.

The MobiusPay Gateway ensures that:

  • The merchant receives payment from the transaction
  • The issuing credit card bank bills the customer, settling the transaction.

MobiusPay Gateway Features Include:


Membership Sales: Breaks downs by trials, joins, conversions, upgrades, and rebills.

Membership Value that lets you calculate the Average Membership Lifetime value useful for computing affiliate payouts or marketing expenses.

Affiliate Based Merchants

Enjoy the Affiliate risk report which lets you compare affiliates by a number of different factors to identify multiple types of affiliate fraud such as using Prepaid or stolen cards as well as affiliates that never convert trials to joins and thus simply aren’t profitable.


Everyone likes the sales by hour of the day in comparison to previous eight matching days of week in order to identify if sales are up/down from an average number. Also authorization ratios which help identify different factors that are converting at different levels such as affiliates, merchants accounts, sites, products, price points as well as doing cost/benefit analysis on the number of retries on declined rebills or on hosted page joins.

Hosted Payment Page

Hosted page customers like the conversion reports. When you redirect a customer to a billers join page, you can lose sight of what happens from there other than the final success/decline status. We provide info on number and percentages of abandoned sessions, invalid submissions, real submissions and percentages of success / total views as well as success / valid submissions in order to have insight into your traffic sent to us behaves. Additionally, you can drill down to investigate the number of attempts used to successfully complete purchases.


Merchants with multiple merchant accounts find that the cascades report is beneficial. We show cross datacenter, processor and merchant account cascading in order to show cost/benefit and effectiveness of cascading efforts.

Call Centers

Merchants with call centers enjoy the support log summary and detail reports which provide call center managers with stats such as cross table tables on activities and on per user activity such as cancel, voids, updates and so on.

Additional Features

  • Hosted page customers enjoy our 100% brandable / iframeable join forms
  • Ability to increase revenue by cascading between merchant accounts automatically
  • Integrated customer support tools for customer management including issuing refunds, voiding transactions and transaction lookup
  • Integrated risk management
  • Multiple currencies
  • Robust APIs for membership subscription as well as customer management (1-click upsells, instant upgrades and cancellation)
  • 1-click / tokenized processing for merchant to run additional transactions without storing Credit Card #s in a PCI-Compliant manner
  • 1-click support using our customer vault for upsells on cam / video on demand/ dating sites.
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