Hacker Jacks – In 19 mins or Less

Hacker Jacks – In 19 mins or Less

In today’s world we often take things for granted, we don’t anticipate the inevitable happening to us, therefore, fail to prepare like we should, despite knowing that things “happen” in this digital era.

From failing to back up our cell phone contacts to not auto saving a document, consequently we’ve all been victim to idiotic situations that we have created and could have prevented.

Now what about circumstances that we’re not even consciously aware of happening? Something that everyone is at risk of is having our identities hijacked, but can we be proactive with preventative measures?

According to a recent article published by wired.com a staggering observation was stated that “Russia’s hackers were far and away the fastest, expanding their access on average just 18 minutes and 49 seconds after gaining their initial foothold”.  

That’s less time than what the working class get for their lunch breaks, and yet these hackers have silently gained your info and wait patiently for the right opportunity to utilize, which could be 1 week, 6 months or a year later after the personal information has been acquired.

While every online user needs to be alert, online merchants need to be more observant of their activity in effort to protect themselves as well as their customers information, which can often be obtained via the merchants usage.

Here are our general recommendations in effort to avoid being hacked

  • Never open phishing emails, or just don’t open any email that you’re unknowing as to where it came from.
  • Regularly audit your computer system and remove any unfamiliar software, apps or tools that you don’t frequently use.
  • Keep important information on separate servers or on an external hard drive.
  • Ensure that your email server is located on a different server than your FTP
  • And NEVER save passwords on any device unless using something that’s encrypted for protection!

These preventative measures don’t guarantee protection, but every effort to avoid being “Hacker Jacked” is a good effort and we at MobiusPay simply want to remind you to be proactive and protect yourself.


If you’d like to read the article referenced in this blog post click HERE!

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