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MobiusPay Gateway is a global solution that has fulfilled over 2 Billion Transactions, $70+ Billion Processing volume, 1200+ Technology Partners,  66 currencies, 125+ Shopping Cart integrations, and processing all major credit cards. We work collaboratively with companies to sell more, innovate and grow. Our technology provides MobiusPay the freedom to focus on what we do best, liberating us from restricted payment solutions and giving us access to the latest payment technology now and in the future. The team spans across the globe, has deep expertise across in-store, mobile, online and self-service payments and has in-depth knowledge of EMV.

MobiusPay Gateway

A "gateway" is what authorizes and settles transactions between a website, terminal or any other credit card processing device and the credit card companies. To facilitate your business to accept card transactions, you need at least one gateway provider in addition to a merchant account.

The MobiusPay Gateway accepts membership sales as trials, joins, conversions, upgrades and re-bills and allows for the implementation of shopping carts in the case of tangible goods. Features included with the MobiusPay Gateway go beyond what most other providers offer.

Real-time statistics, hosted payment pages, visual customization to match your brand, cascade compatibility, 1-click upsells, multiple currencies, customer support tools, risk management, and much more.

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Before you can begin configuring MobiusPay in NATS, you must first sign up for an account with NATS. Then visit the 'TooMuchMedia' step-by-step wiki page by clicking here for detailed instructions.

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MobiusPay closely observes the ever-shifting landscape of PCI guidelines so that your enterprise never encounters unforeseen processing problems that could potentially put you out of business. Online security of personal information is of utmost importance in today's consumer market. Working with a payment provider that is PCI compliant guarantees that security standards are always being met.

There are a lot of online payment processing companies vying for your business every day. If you decide to partner with a dubious firm that is not PCI compliant, your business could be facing legal action and be liable for enormous penalties in the event of a customer data security breach.

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