MobiusPay Added as NATS Integrated Processor

MobiusPay Added as NATS Integrated Processor

PRESS RELEASE - MobiusPay, Inc., your premier business partner in facilitating the acceptance of electronic payments for your products and services, announced today that they have been added as a NATS Integrated Processor with the release of NATS Affiliate Tracking Software version

MobiusPay CEO Mia Zhu said of the inclusion, “This is a partnership that was long overdue; we have long respected Too Much Media and their NATS tracking software as a product that is essential for any successful affiliate program. Including MobiusPay as an integrated processor within the NATS program is a win-win for MobiusPay and our affiliate program clientele.”

Mia continued, “For years it has been a reality that having the ability to cascade to multiple processors is essential when accepting electronic payments; the NATS program makes this easy and now our existing clients can use NATS without having to compromise their desire to utilize MobiusPay as their processor. Additionally, now NATS users that have not yet tried out MobiusPay can easily add us in their cascade of available processors.”

Talk to your representative today to assist you in making sure you are ready to take advantage of this NATS inclusion.

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