Refresh on the Definition of Professional Conduct

Refresh on the Definition of Professional Conduct

When asking “Google” what the definition of “Professional Conduct” is, you’ll receive the following brief description Professional conduct involves ethics, morals, and standards of behavior. Being a professional, it is necessary for the person to maintain his/her ethical behavior and to have good professional conduct”.

But does today’s working society remain within these vague boundaries for which Google outlines?

While one would think it is common sense to dress appropriately, be on time, meet deadlines and to respect their peers, it is becoming more prevalent that the general scope of professional conduct is morphing into new expectations. One of which goes outside the box of the regular 9 to 5, Monday through Friday job.

I’m sitting here in my flannel pajama pants, tank top and slippers as I write this article because I’m fortunate to work remotely and have done so for the past 20 years like others are permitted to do around the world nowadays.

Does this fact mean I’m less professional? I think not; however, I do feel my personal perspective of professional conduct would be up for debate if this conversation topic were to arise among those who still battle daily commutes, are required to maintain a certain appearance and are constantly faced with reminders in the workplace on harassment, ethics and conduct codes.

The general scope of professional conduct is based upon ethical benchmarks which we are supposed to abide by, but in a world filled with social media, emails zipping through cyberspace at the speed of light and images bouncing around the globe, is today’s society abiding by the traditional conduct codes laid out so long ago?

Furthermore, as time proceeds, the next generation (in my opinion) that’s gradually taking over the workforce are more opinionated, are often offended easily and feel entitled to things that they have not earned. Having a positive attitude, speaking appropriately and communicating effectively within the workplace was once a necessity yet appears to be diminishing.

Why is this? Could it be all the media outlets and constant hoopla of celebrity activity, maybe it’s something we’re eating, or could it possibly be the fact that the parents of the generation that will proceed us are lazy and constantly gave in when it came to providing structure, boundaries and discipline to the children that are now growing up and entering the work force?

Regardless of the underlying factors, professional conduct, despite the location of where you work, your ethnicity, religion, gender or age, should maintain the same substance and values as it always has.

So, considering this topic, here are some simple reminders as to what is expected of anyone who wishes to be a professional…

  • Maintain a positive attitude as there is enough drama and darkness in the world, neither your colleagues nor clients need to hear about yours.
  • Speak appropriately according to the environment, it’s not hard to use your manners, show appreciation and be respectful.
  • Adapt to present situations when required as no one likes listening to a whiney adolescent
  • Communicate effectively! This is one of the most important skills required, not just in business, but in LIFE!
  • Meet deadlines set without continued excuses as failure to meet deadlines ultimately reflects on how dependable you are and if you can’t meet deadlines you will lose respect from your peers who are likely affected by your neglect
  • Accept that you are responsible and will be held accountable for your actions (or lack of)
  • Demonstrate generosity of spirit rather than an inflated ego
  • Follow through and have integrity in all you do cause making empty promises eventually result in not being believed or trusted
  • Understand and accept constructive criticism as best you can. While some topics may hit a little close to home personally, when being a professional you need to be able to separate the 2 to be able to survive.

In a world full of opportunity, you don’t require a degree to be considered a professional, you simply need to go back to the basic foundations, just as google stated.

Morals, respect, integrity and honesty is what makes you a professional, it’s that simple!

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