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Now that cannabis products are legal in most states, either medically, recreationally, or both, numerous ancillary businesses have built up around it. Simultaneously, a host of long-standing businesses have diversified, seeing in the cannabis space an ideal market for existing products and services.

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Unfortunately, because the cannabis space is regarded as high-risk by the banks and card brands, businesses that don't even touch the plant are being dropped by their payment processors--whether they're processing with an aggregator like Stripe or PayPal, or they have their own merchant account.

This is occurring because processors are running algorithms that crawl clients' digital storefronts for compliance issues. To you, words like "cannabis" or "marijuana" or "THC" are industry terms and marketing jargon. To those algorithms, they're red flags. And when the red flags get tripped, processing stops.



We wish we could say that every organization offering your company a merchant account has your best, long-term interests in mind. Very often, they don’t.

Some misclassify businesses to get accounts approved at a bank that doesn’t want your businesses. In the end, when the bank’s underwriters identify the deception, your account is shut down, and your funds are held.

Some tell you that you need a high-risk merchant account when you don’t. High risk merchant accounts are associated with higher rates and fees. The merchant account provider earns more money because every transaction is costing you more than it should.

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Banks look at everyone working in the cannabis space differently, even if you’re merely “cannabis adjacent,” and not even touching the plant. There is additional scrutiny and suspicion. There are more compliance checks. It can make the prospect of accepting credit card payment a lot more daunting than it should.

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