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Today’s marketplace is massive and as consumers continue to increase their use of debit and credit cards to make purchases, businesses require payment solutions to ensure that no consumer is ever turned away! Having the ability to process transactions both online or over the counter, in person, is a necessity! By assessing your business goals and objectives, MobiusPay can customize a solution that’s specifically tailored to suit your business needs while expanding beyond US borders. With state of the art processing solutions, MobiusPay will have your business reach global consumers that you never realized existed, increasing your businesses bottom line.

Payment Processing

Utilize payment processing platforms, customized for your business. Accept payments on your E-commerce website or at your physical location. Accepting credit and debit cards as a means of payment, offers your customers a convenient way to pay for your products and services in real-time.

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Whether you own a bar, restaurant, fast food joint, ice-cream shop or liquor store, MobiusPay’s knowledge and experience can provide your business with payment processing solutions for your businesses specific needs. And with providing all available payment options you can ensure that a customer is never turned away!

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Electronic gift cards are a convenient alternative to paper gift certificates. In addition, gift cards are reusable, and balances can be easily reviewed online.

Our loyalty and reward card solutions give customers the opportunity to accumulate dollars, reward points, or a percentage back in a merchant store or online business. Such a program has proven success with generating repeat business making this solution a valuable option to offer your customers.

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When it comes to online payment processing for products and services, it must be determined what category your business qualifies as before a bank will accept your business. High risk processing could be but is not limited too some of the following, video on demand, online gaming, software development and sales, membership sites and skin care. If you’re uncertain as to whether your business model is considered “High Risk,” MobiusPay has you covered! Contact us today to learn more.

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If you’re wanting to reach every aspect of the global market, you’re going to need a payment solution that expands outside of the US and supports multiple currencies while complying with each international location rules and regulations. MobiusPay has an international presence that goes beyond the borders of American transactions therefore fully enabling a merchant to utilize and profit from the e-commerce global market.

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Also commonly known as ACH, online checks enables your business to accept electronic payments via a web interface, MobiusPay Gateway or a personal computer. Such a solution can be conducted as a single, one-time transaction or as a recurring transaction defined by a preset schedule such as weekly, monthly and quarterly.

Whatever your business needs, let MobiusPay provide you with a sufficient solution!

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Whether you’re an individual or a business who specializes in selling retail items such as books, electronics, accessories, apparel, novelties, or any other hard goods, MobiusPay is here to help!

MobiusPay has extensive, experience in assisting retail businesses streamline their payment processes online using our reliable, processing solutions. This enables your business to be unencumbered by international borders, allowing you to reach customers anywhere in the world and expand your sales reach.

Furthermore, MobiusPay also provides in-store terminal solutions for local businesses that require offline sales to be processed at competitive rates.

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It’s important for travel and entertainment businesses to acquire a reputable credit card processing company, such as MobiusPay, that works to ensure security, reliability and fraud prevention.

Due to the substantial amount of transactions that both travel and entertainment businesses encounter, your business will be faced with holds, charges, and disputes that, if not handled adequately, can have a drastic impact on your revenue affecting your companies long term growth.

So, whether you’re an airline, travel agency, musical event, Broadway show, hotel or any other online booking platform related to travel and entertainment, MobiusPay is proud to acknowledge that we’re equipped to handle your businesses online processing needs on a large scale while providing peace of mind to our merchants that their business is in good hands!

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At MobiusPay, we understand the importance of providing the most up to date technology and education for your business to remain in compliance with the rules and regulations necessary to keep your business operational 24/7. Therefore, MobiusPay has proudly created a risk management team solely committed to protecting your business from fraudulent transactions before they happen.

Fighting fraud and debatable chargeback disputes is what the MobiusPay, risk management team are dedicated to resolving using tools such as velocity checks, black-listed BIN’s, ticket size restrictions and more!

Consequently, MobiusPay is an industry-leader in risk management techniques which is customized to suit every business needs!

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Online security of personal information is of utmost importance in today’s consumer market and working with a payment provider that is PCI compliant guarantees that the most up to date technology and awareness of PCI security standards are always being met.

There are a lot of online payment processing companies to choose from but if they’re not PCI compliant, your business could be faced with legal action and be liable for astronomical penalties and fee’s if a security breech of customer data occurs.

Hence why it is vital to work with a payment processing company, such as MobiusPay, that remains educated and relevant on PCI guidelines as they arise so that your business doesn’t encounter unexpected processing concerns that could potentially set your business back or even worse, put you out of business.

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Preventing a chargeback, before or after a purchase has been made, is the most common concern faced when processing credit or debit card transactions online.

A chargeback is when a customer disputes a charge received on their credit or debit card with their issuing bank in effort to get their money returned. When such dispute occurs, the merchant (place of purchase) must supply evidence proving that a legitimate purchase was made or be faced with providing a full refund to the customer for the purchase amount as well as a bank fee for investigating the dispute per transaction.

All too often, the fee incurred by the bank for processing a chargeback is higher than the actual purchase amount in question which is why chargeback prevention is vital to all online businesses.

There are numerous ways to deter and or prevent chargebacks such as ensuring the goods or services you’re selling are honest and legitimate. In addition, supplying sufficient customer support with prompt response times and catching potentially fraudulent or unauthorized transactions as they occur are also successful ways to avoid chargebacks.

Realistically a business can’t always monitor their online transactions/sales which is why MobiusPay created a robust Chargeback Prevention Service called MobiusPay CDRN in effort to prevent and dissolve disputes before and after they’ve happened.

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Chargebacks are a part of doing business in an e-commerce world, but there are several procedures and strategies that a business owner can follow in effort to reduce and recover the costs incurred with chargebacks.

MobiusPay CDRN (Chargeback Dispute Resolution Network) is the solution to prevent and even stop chargebacks before they happen!

Things like improving the overall process of a transaction from start to finish can be a deterrent and can have a positive impact on the user experience. Moreover, having sufficient contact info such as your website URL and phone number in the descriptor field on the customer’s transaction can also greatly reduce the potential of a customer concern escalating into a chargeback.

It’s in every businesses best interest to be proactive with prevention and disputes but disputing chargebacks are time consuming and often frustrating, resulting in many business owners simply accepting the loss.

Therefore, MobiusPay CDRN is essential to integrate into your merchant account so that our knowledgeable and courtesy team of experts can handle such disputes on your behalf, enabling you to focus your energy on what’s important. Your business!

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A “gateway” is what authorizes and settles transactions between a website, terminal or any other credit card processing device and the credit card companies. For your business to accept credit or debit card transactions you need at least one gateway provider in addition to a merchant account.

The MobiusPay Gateway accepts membership sales that breaks down by trials, joins, conversions, upgrades and rebills as well as shopping carts for hard goods sales.

The features included with the MobiusPay Gateway go beyond what most other gateway’s provide and includes but is not limited too; real-time statistics, hosted payment pages, visual customization to match your brand, cascade compatibility, 1 click upsells, multiple currencies, customer support tools, risk management and so much more!

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Whether your business is well-established or recently launched, we here at MobiusPay, are dedicated to providing high quality service and assistance to guarantee that your business is handled sufficiently!

Our highly qualified and experienced team are extremely knowledgeable in a wide realm of industries therefore providing your business with the most suitable payment solutions available.

When choosing a company to provide your business with payment processing it is vital to select an appropriate company that caters to your specific needs which is why MobiusPay offers consulting services to educate, assist and strategically set up analytical and scalable solutions for you!

The solution couldn’t be simpler! Select MobiusPay and experience a quality of service that surpasses your business demands and expectations!

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